10 Ways to Make Money on the Side

September 11, 2020

What would you do with a little extra money in your pocket or even a lot of extra money? Millionaires have 7 streams of income – some active and many passive. If you don’t have more than one stream of income, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to achieve financial freedom, whether now or during retirement.Today it’s easier than ever to make money on the side. Not sure how to get started? Here are some ways.

1. Be a freelancer

Today, you can freelance any skills. The most popular are writing, graphic design, logo design, and social media management. Any skill you have you can turn into a freelancing gig, choosing the prices, and keeping it all for yourself (minus taxes).

2. Sell stuff online

We all have stuff lying around our house that we don’t use. What’s trash to you may be someone else’s treasure. Search what other people sell the same items you have for and make extra money. If you don’t have stuff to sell, but love a good hunt, find great deals and sell the items for a higher price online.

3. Be an affiliate marketer

If you love to write and have a passion to write about, take up affiliate marketing. Start a blog and as you build up followers, you can insert affiliate links and advertise products that fit within your niche. Every time someone buys a product using your link, you earn a small commission.

4. Get crafty

If you love to make things, why not make a little money selling them? Etsy is a great place to set up a shop as you can leverage their large target audience and not have to put much effort into marketing yourself.

5. Rent your stuff

Today you can rent out just about anything – your house, a room in your house, your garage, your car, baby strollers, or even a bike. Sites like Airbnb and JustPark are two popular sites, but there are many apps/sites available today.

6. Sell photos

If you love to take photos, turn into side cash. Sites like Shutterstock or even Etsy are great places to list and sell your photos. Because you can sell as many as you want of one picture, it’s a great passive way to make an income.

7. Walk pets

If you love your furry friends, help people in your area out that don’t have time to walk their pets. Lunchtime, nighttime, and weekends are popular times that pet owners need help. Rover is a great app that matches dog walkers with pet owners.

8. House sit when owners are away

If you don’t mind being alone, offer house sitting services for people in your area. Housesitters.com is a site that matches house sitters with homeowners or you can advertise in your area. Make sure you have references and a solid background check.

9. Write resumes

Today especially, millions of people are looking for a job. Because of the large number of applicants, a resume must be perfect to get the employer’s attention. If you have a knack for writing resumes, get on Fiverr or Upwork, and advertise your services.

10. Teach lessons

Whether you’re a retired or current teacher, love to teach music lessons, or want to tutor in a specific subject, there are many platforms, such as VIPKid (teach English to Chinese students) and Udemy (online course platform) are great options.

Explore your passions and have fun making a side income. The sky is the limit – whether you have one, two, or ten side gigs – you’ll bring in more money and set yourself up for a financially free retirement.

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